Five lazy Girl Hacks For Saving Your Skin From the Cold

Bbbrrrrr, it’s getting chilly over here! As the Aussie summer gives way to (a still fairly respectable 25-30 degree) autumn, I’m starting to prep myself for a new wardrobe and a new skin routine. And though Winter is officially over back home in the UK in just a couple of days, word on the street is its still pretty cold over there too, so there’s still time for my lovelies on the other side of the world to benefit from my lazy wise words of wisdom.

We all know the key to good skin, no matter the weather, is a balanced combination of healthy diet, lots of water, sleep and regular exercise. Or as my will power likes to call it: “blah blah blah” But let’s face it, as simple as these things may sound, they are not always easy to incorporate consistently into an active or lazy lifestyle.

So instead of sharing with you a lecture on the importance of nutritional purity (because frankly, I am a vegan but way off a foodie saint…) here’s a sneaky peak into my lazy hacks for keeping your skin tip top as the weather gets colder…


  1. Coconut Oil

Yep, this bad boy will forever be included in every blog that requires a solution. It’s no coincidence that your Facebook feed is continually full of articles about the hundreds of uses for Coconut Oil; it’s Gods natural gift to mankind! My friend with chronic Eczema swears by using a tablespoon a day in everything she cooks, my other friend (who is simply a chronic hippy…) pops the spoon straight in her mouth for just about every ailment.

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Me? A small almond size amount smoothed onto my skin at night keeps me moisturised, spot free and smelling damn good! It’s especially good for chapped lips, nobbly knees and elbows, and works great mixed with tea tree oil for winter blemishes.


  1. Sand

Why pay crazy amounts of money for a special spa salt exfoliating treatment when lots of us are only a few hours away from a beach with some sort of sand?! You really don’t need sexy infused aromatherapy scents or exotic sands imported from tropical islands to get good skin. In fact, you don’t even need to wait until summer to frolic in the sea and rub sand on your limbs.


Simply grab a handful from your nearest beach and rub it across your body in your next shower. You’re guaranteed gorgeous smooth skin. Plus, the sea air and brisk winter walk is a brucey bonus to glowing skin!


  1. Celery, avocado and Peanut Butter

I know, this may sound a little random, but I swear that the combination of hydrating, water based celery and the body building good fats that are Avo and peanuts is a winning snack combo for good skin. So when its gets colder and you’re next craving a comforting bowl of chips, reach for the celery and peanut butter and you won’t be disappointed.


[Photo donated by my friend Fay who regularly Whatapps me images of her snack confessions…]

  1. Laughter  & Craziness

If anyone tells you too much smiling is a catalyst for wrinkles, laugh in their face!! The fact is, stress is more harmful for not only your skin but your general health, and laughter makes our faces warm up with happiness. Keep smiling, don’t take life too seriously and watch your face glow with beauty. This is especially true in the colder months when everything feels a little greyer and cases of S.A.D (seasonal effected disorder) are more common.


  1. Sleep

Yea, yea, it’s one of the things I dismissed at the beginning of this blog as common boring advice, but I’m the queen of lazy so of course I love my sleep! Winter tiredness is totally a thing, and we need to build in extra rest time as the weather cools down. This doesn’t just effect our eyes ability to stay open during the weekly board meeting, or boring Tinder dates, it extends to our skin elasticity and resistance to that third bottle of wine and soothing Indian takeaway we had this week. Rest up, chill out and give your cells time to do their shiz.

Need more winter skin hacks? Check out this awesome blog post – The Cold Weather Can Change the Heck Out Of Your Body – by the Dollar Shave Club, for some nifty ways to keep you smooth and beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Five lazy Girl Hacks For Saving Your Skin From the Cold”

  1. I heart step 4 and 5! Laughing takes care of a lot of stress in life, and sleep…. who can forget sleep? My sister often bugs me about how much I sleep, but then she is complaining of wrinkles and tired eyes. I’m not saying we can avoid wrinkles, but getting ample sleep definitely helps with that. I approve of your laziness and getting lots of sleep 🙂

    Side question for you: what is your biggest pet peeve around “going green”?

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    1. Sleep and laughter is my answer to most woes in life! Biggest pet peeve in how frustrating it is to watch others stay so ignorant. No one is perfect and we all have habits that are hard to break, but I still can’t understand people who simply don’t want to know or don’t care even when faced with the facts 😦

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      1. Oh, I agree! Like when I am at the grocery store and people bag their bananas. Bananas literally are wrapped in a skin to protect them. Why the plastic?! Then also those folks who pay money every time they go shopping for plastic bags. And when they double-bag items! The frustrations are endless, which is why I hate going shopping 😉

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  2. A great read thank you. The coconut oil one is interesting. I’ve just started to use it and was wondering what else I could use it for. X

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