Three of Sydneys Best Vegan Burgers

As they say in Cornwall “Well, Burger me!”. I love a burger. A vegan burger of course. But I have been a bit fed up in the past of the same three choices: Falafal burger, lentil burger or non descript “veggie burger” which usually consists of mashed potato with peas and sweetcorn in the shape of a patty. BORING!!

Luckily Sydney is the vegan fatties dream when it comes to cruelty free burgers, and I’ve been munching my way through quite a few.

I still have a little research left to do (followed by a lot of exercise I expect…) but here are my 3 favorite vegan burgers I’ve been chomping through in Sydney:

Soul Burger

Plant based burgers in the heart of Sydney’s East coast area of Randwick. This bad boy is the Sumo Burger: Plant based-beef and Sausage, Field Mushroom, vegan cheese, roasted peppers and salad! Also on the menu are options like Chickpea burger, Fish burger and chili beef.


Lord of the Fries

This Melbourne born joint is a bit of an institution and pretty much every veggie who visits Australia should come here! They do veggie and vegan burgers, hotdogs and epic fries, as well as awesome brekkie bum options for a way better alternative to the McMuffin.


BenBry Burgers

Cross the waters on the ferry to Manly and you’ll find this burger bar which – whilst not 100% veggie – has some great vegan friendly choices. I went for the NO Bull (minus the Aioli) which contains lightly battered organic tofu with a spicy satay, coconut & coriander sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber and alfalfa. The weather wasn’t so great for a beach day but the burger was divine!




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