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One Big Reason to Start Stamp Collecting

If, unlike me, you were inundated by Valentines cards last weekend, you might have a backlog of stamped envelopes at home. If not, there is no reason you shouldn’t start  the age old tradition of stamp collecting for one big reason: charities can make money from them.

Until not long ago, any old paper items went straight into the basket next to our log burner for bulking up our winter fires, or straight into the paper recycling box. And it never really occurred to me that peeling stamps off envelopes would be of any use to anyone. But, perhaps 10 years after everyone else, I discovered that charities like oxfam, PDSA and RNIB all raise funds through the collection of stamps. All you have to do is cut them off your envelope, save in a pot and post over to your chosen charity using the address’ below. What a great way to recycle, reuse and fundraise!

Charities who receive Stamps:

RSPB: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Send loose stamps to: RSPB Stamps, PO Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 9XT

PDSA: People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Send used stamps to: PDSA Stamp Appeal, PO Box 9191, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, ML2 0YB

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Send to: PO Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 9GW

Animal SOS Sri Lanka o Send to: Animal SOS Sri Lanka, 64 Fair Acres, Prestwood, Great Missenden, Buck, HP16 0LE RNIB: Royal

National Institute of Blind People
Sort into UK and foreign and send to: RNIB Stamp Recycling, PO Box 185, Benfleet, SS7 9BH

Donate to any shop, email for more info

MS Trust: Multiple Sclerosis Trust 
Send to: MS Trust, Bridge Road, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 4ET

You can see a comprehensive list, including local charities here .

Giving up supermarkets for Lent

Coffee, chocolate and wine…the many pleasures I have tried to give up for lent. Unsuccessfully of course. But why is it that giving something up always sounds like a depressing way to deprive yourself of something you like? What if we switched it, and gave up things we couldn’t give two hoots about?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do this time around. Instead of giving up something for lent that becomes a countdown to the moment it meets my lips again, I’m giving up something I have been trying to do for a while: Supermarkets. Not like I have anything against the big boys, they offer incredible vale on tinned tomatoes and sacks of rice; but when you live somewhere with such a thriving local foody culture, it seems mad not to tap in to some good old Cornish produce. There are markets and farm shops galore around here, and we happen to have one of the most delicious bakeries where I work at the Eden Project.

In fact, even our local independent healthfood shop sells everything I need for my vegan diet; from nuts, seeds and flour, to soy milk, tempeh and (most importantly) dairy-free ice cream!

My biggest worry though, will be reigning in my budget so I can keep on track with my recent realisation that my travelling savings has gone a little bottoms up. But buying in bulk, cooking smart and eating for my height (instead of my greed) will certainly help.

So what do you think? Fancy challenging yourself to live supermarket free for lent? I can guarantee it will be rewarding to switch those pesky trolleys and grumpy checkout ladies, for local producers doing their thing in your community. Plus, it’s much nicer proposition that giving up something you actually like, surely?!

Keep up with me, and some of my wonderful green blogging freinds, on Twitter to see how we get on:   

2015: The Year of the Monumental Clear Out!

2015 is set to be a very exciting year for me, with lots of planning but hopefully lots of fun too. In June I turn 30, in August I graduate from my (6 years in the making…) History degree and, in October, I am setting off on a 6 month backpacking trip of a lifetime (of which you’re sure to be sick of hearing about over the next few months!)

My travelling plans, however, will be requiring a lot of organising at home, as I’ll need to leave everything behind; living with the bear essentials of which I can happily carry on my back. So aside from 2015 being a big year of adventures, I sense it’s also going to be a year of BIG clear outs as well!  Continue reading 2015: The Year of the Monumental Clear Out!

Your Green Life: Zero Waste Week

I must admit, I’ve been dying to get in the head of Rachelle Strauss ever since I came across her genius on Twitter a few months ago. This lady, with endless enthusiasm and zero waste knowledge, was an early inspiration to me when I started A Lazy Girl Goes Green. With years of experience of running awareness campaigns, and an army of committed bloggers at her side (me being one of them this year) this chick knows her stuff!

That day has finally arrived, where we all get to hear from Rachelle on her inspiration, lazy green tips and why we all need to keep a Native American principle in mind… Continue reading Your Green Life: Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week Day 7: Not the End of My Journey

It’s the final day of a fantastic week, of going completely zero waste, and what a journey it has been! I’ve learnt so much about the many uses for fruit and vegetable scraps, and have successfully kept every last bit of my food from going into the bin. A big thank you to everyone who got involved in Zero Waste Week this year, not only for keeping me motivated in continuing my own pledge, but also for the contribution you’ve made to tackling waste as a whole. Even the smallest attempt you make to cut waste is a success for us all 🙂 Continue reading Zero Waste Week Day 7: Not the End of My Journey

Confessions from the leftovers bowl

Right, its confession time. When I said I had gone almost a whole week without wasting one scrap of fruit or vegetable leftovers, I may have been misleading in my zero waste success. Whilst it is true that I have not thrown any food in the bin for the last 6 days, there have been a few items which completely stumped me; and as such I have been keeping them in a bowl in the fridge until I could find a use for them.

But no such inspiration has come, so now I need YOUR help in finding a use for the following items:  Continue reading Confessions from the leftovers bowl

Friday night in with a Cauliflower

Happy Friday lazy green people!

Now, this might sound a little odd; but I think the cauliflower might just have replaced my Friday night treat of Indian takeaway and a bag of crisps (not necessarily consumed together I might add…). previously, I’ve associated this classic vegetable  with the staple roast dinner dish: cauliflower cheese. But since going vegan, I have long lost hope of recreating a dairy free version, as Vegan cheeses and cheese sauces generally don’t float my boat!

But when, this week, a friend offered me a cauliflower that she wasn’t going to eat (a perfect example of zero waste sharing!), I decided to make a nice big curry with it in advance of a Friday night in. This way I could save money on takeaway AND the plastic they are often delivered in. Continue reading Friday night in with a Cauliflower

The Surprising Talents of Fruit Stones

It’s over half through Zero Waste Week already, and I’m slowly learning my lesson that the key is in the planning! Having gotten back from a lazy holiday away, to an impending week of daily blogging; I knew from the onset the easy task of doing “one more thing” to reduce my waste might actually be harder than it first sounded. But I have been eternally grateful to the impressive inspiration oozing from everyone involved in the week, and it has spurred me on to get off my butt and get waste fighting!

But after several days of feeling smug that not one part of my fruit or veg was being thrown away, I hit a wall. Well, more accurately, I hit a stone…a plum stone. I obviously didn’t want to throw it away, but I was smart enough to realise that it would do more damage than good if I tried to stick it in my juicer! Had I finally found the one piece of food I couldn’t eat?! Continue reading The Surprising Talents of Fruit Stones