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Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls

Ahhh, Monday has returned once more! I know, i know, its not our favorite day of the week but it is the day when I share my easy (and often experimental) vegan recipes. so it cant be all that bad, can it?

This week is a magical Chestnut and Chilli Meatball recipe, which I discovered yesterday when attempting to make homemade stuffing balls for my roast dinner. I hadn’t really researched the ingredients or method (as usual), and ended up free-styling with what I had. The result was a ball that was so spicy and filling they were more like meat balls than stuffing balls!!

But they were so delicious and moreish that I completely devoured them before even remembering to take a picture of the cooked product. Oops sorry! But then I guess that’s why this is a lazy green living blog, not a snazzy recipe blog! 😛 Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls