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Zero Waste Giveaway: Win BRITA Fill & Go Goodies

For those of you who have been reading A Lazy Girl Goes Green for a while, you may have detected a slight theme in the kind of new products which get me all excited and shouting to the hill tops; they are either made for zero waste living, or for eating and drinking. So when I find a shiny new gadget for zero waste drinking or eating, well, I’m in lazy green heaven!

You also may or may not know that I have in the past had an irrational distaste for tap water (very princess of me, I know…) and, as someone who carries a water bottle with me everywhere, I have found success in the past with the BRITA Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle as part of my Zero Waste Foodie Toolkit.

Interestingly, just like me, despite having very good quality tap water available in every home, a recent OnePoll research study by BRITA found that nearly 30% of UK adults admit to using bottled water at home. One third of those questioned also confessed that they bought bottled water but didn’t believe they contribute to pollution because they recycle! With the UK alone using nearly 7.7 billion single use plastic water bottles this year, this is seriously adding to the rising tide of plastic pollution.


Well, my lovely lazy greenies, I’m very excited to inform you that in celebration of the success of BRITA’s plastic challenge month in June – as well as this month’s Plastic July AND Septembers Zero Waste Week – I have a BRITA Fill & Serve, and 3 BRITA Fill & Go’s to giveaway!

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Giveaway: Win a pair of Tickets to the OM Yoga Show this Month

Eekkk it’s time…I’m flying to India today!! I’m so full of excitement and anxiety I might actually burst on the plane! 🙂

I will be keeping up with A Lazy Girl Goes Green on my travels, but please forgive me if I’m a little quiet from week to week; I’ll be exploring a Temple in Thailand, or a beach in Bali!

As a special leaving pressie to all you lovelies, I have two pairs of three-day passes, worth £44 a pair, to give away for this year’s OM Yoga show!! Continue reading Giveaway: Win a pair of Tickets to the OM Yoga Show this Month

Green City christmas giveaway!

Christmas is for sharing…so in the spirit of good will my friends at Green City are giving away three pairs of beautiful hand printed and locally designed t-shirts EVERY SUNDAY leading up to Christmas!

How to enter…

Each Sunday in December they’ll be posting pics of the t-shirt up for grabs on their facebook page and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is share the picture with a friend. Simply click “share” on the post and then tag your friend, asking them to sign up to their newsletter. If your friend signs up then you are both in the running to win a t-shirt each!

The giveaway will be live on the 7th, 14th and 21st December, from 2pm-6pm, and winners will be announced that evening. You can share the picture with as many friends as you like to have a better chance of winning and of course to show off your sharing side!

You could win one of these awesome t-shirt designs from our Re-print design competition below so get ready to share like crazy!