Going green in the bathroom

Green, Clean and Smelling Good: going green in the bathroom

I have made no allusions to the fact that I am the queen of procrastination and general idleness. But despite my lazy preoccupations, even I have to face the facts that some routines must be maintained; especially those which involved hygiene!

As such, this month I have been looking into ways I can become a little more eco-friendly in the bathroom and swapping a few essential products to be ever so slightly greener. Here are 5 changes I’ve been making so far…

1. Buy natural

I use them daily (even I am not that lazy!) and spend on average £180 a year on essential toiletries. So wouldn’t I want to use the best for my health, beauty and potentially the planet? Most natural and plant-based toothpastes, shampoos and shower gels don’t contain dyes or artificial flavours and some are also organic too; with ingredients not treated with growth hormones, chemicals or pesticides.

I’ve tested Kingfisher natural toothpaste, Sarakan toothpaste and Jason Shampoo and conditioner (reviews coming soon). There are heaps of options to choose from though and you can buy in most local heath food shops and even (gasp…) supermarkets! But if you are feeling extra lazy, order them online from one of my suggested online eco shops.

2. Use it all up                                                    

In my lazy quest to go green, one thing I have found helpful is using up every last drop of my toiletries. I am like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to buying beauty products and I can find myself with up to 4 different brands of shampoo lurking on the bath.

Squeeze it, scrape it and rinse it out; to get every last drop from your toiletries. Even if you have to cut the bottle in half to delve in and get every last morsal! You can also buy nifty little toothpaste squeezers which help you extract every last drop if you are too lazy to do it yourself!

3. Water reduction

I love baths. I love filling them right to the top, throwing in bath bombs, bubbles and oils; then lying there for about 15 minutes…before I get bored! This month I’ve been challenging myself to reduce my water consumption. Sharing my bath water, reusing it for my plants and flushing my toilet less – though sounding pretty gross – are all helping to reduce water waste and may even end up saving me a penny or two.

Read it: Water wise has loads of stats, tips and resources to help you cut down the water you waste; from washing and cleaning to flushing your toilet. And I’m planning to explore this subject further.

4. Cleaning naturally 

Smelly, chemical and erosive; even this lazy lady doesn’t need an excuse to buy greener products to clean my bathroom. In fact, I am pretty sure I used to buy things like toilet blues and air fresheners just through temptations of exotic floral smells and colourful packaging! Something I’m now asking myself is: “Do I actually need this” and cutting down on the ridiculous amount of products I have for every purpose imaginable!  I am a huge ecover fan and am slowly phasing out all my cleaning products to use theirs. Biodegradable packaging, less chemical ingredients and just as effective; it’s the lazy girls dream to green cleaning! What’s more, you can buy in larger refillable versions; thus saving on packaging and cost!

One thought on “Green, Clean and Smelling Good: going green in the bathroom”

  1. Great ideas (I just found you via Twitter) – I confess to using the Ecover glass cleaner for just about everything! As well as mirror and glass I use it to clean the bath and sink (no bubbles means you don’t need to use much water to rinse it) and I use it to wipe over the kitchen surfaces and dining table 😉


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