5 Steps to a Plastic Free Bathroom: My Lush Loot

Today I am a very happy lazy green lady indeed. After months of testing out various natural/vegan/ethical/ toiletries and never quite being inspired enough to review them here…I have found a regime that works! And the best thing of all? They’re all plastic free!

As a self confessed pamper-holic, I have literally tried dozens of hair products, toothpastes, shower gels etc over the last few months; desperately trying to find products that meet my ethics AND actually work. But the answer was right under my nose, in a place I had always disregarded as “that stinky place on the high street”.

Lush-logoDespite my nose often dying of sensory overload every time I walk by, Lush products have proven to be the best solution for a vegan, eco-friendly bathroom where pampering is on the menu. Once you delve in, and get over all the intense smells, you soon realise that everything is natural, ethically sourced, not tested on animals, handmade and is naked of packaging! Whats more, many of their products are vegan too.

So here are my 5 product conversions for the bathroom, which have me plastic free happy!

Teo Deo

I have tried many a “natural” deodorant, only to discover I might as well have gone au natural and worn nothing; many of them just don’t work for me. So I was mega impressed with this snazzy Teo deodorant bar which you just rub on, and it keeps you smelling sweet all day. Finally I can lose that “stinky vegan” nickname! :Pdeo bar

Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

This packaging free shampoo bar looks weird but smells and feels wonderful. What a shining review! In fact, that’s what it does to your hair too. So many people have commented on the shine of my hair, and its works really in de-tangling my long hair.shampoo bar

Jungle Conditioner Bar

Luxury in a bar, I am in love with the Jungle conditioner! It smells divine and left my hair feeling like it had been soaked in fairy dust and liquid silk. I’d maybe keep this bad boy for a special treat though, as its a bit too decadent to use daily.

jungle conditioner bar

Space Girl Bath Bomb

Ok, so a big bath is not very eco when you are wasting lots of water, but as long as its an occasional treat (and you reuse the water for someone else in the house or your plants) it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. So when you have a soak, I recommend grabbing a Space Girl bath bomb. Its smells delicious and the sparkles make me feel like a 16 year old all over again.  There really aren’t that many vegan products that are as fun as this.

space girl

Toothy Tabs

Despite switching to more natural toothpastes, I still get a little anxious every time I throw a tube in the bin. I had heard about the lush toothy tabs – toothpaste tablets which are sold in small card boxes – but thought they sounded a bit gimmicky. But they actually do work, and add a bit of fun to your dairy routine. I’m yet to investigate how healthy they are long term, but I love the concept and how handy they are to travel with.

toothy tabs


For more info on Lush’s packaging ethos, check out this short film:

13 thoughts on “5 Steps to a Plastic Free Bathroom: My Lush Loot”

      1. The tooth tabs and the deodorant bar. I have never been too sure whether a deodorant bar would work, but will now give it a go. The tooth tabs I think would be good for taking on holiday, not sure whether I would use them all the time though.


  1. Just be aware that quite a lot of their products aren’t all-natural. One of their bestsellers, in fact, “Ocean Salt,” contains parabens, and many Lush products contain artificial fragrances which often contain carcinogens. I do buy Lush but I always read the ingredients list carefully!


  2. My gosh, I am so in love with Lush products. I hadn’t heard about the conditioner, but I am very curious to try it. After reading your post, I am reminded that I am very long overdue for a bit of a pamper session. Off to Lush I go!


  3. I love Lush too! Sadly too many of their products like the solid shampoos still contain SLS or parabens. I’m considering giving up but balanced with no plastic packaging…a moral dilemma! The toothy tabs and deo are good tho! 🙂

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