Your Green Life: You Hippies

It’s not secret that I think of myself as a bit of a hippy, and I happily wear that badge with pride. So it comes as no surprise that I’m a little in love with this weeks interviewees; the fun, quirky and lovable You Hippies! Landon and Meagan (& cat Mau)  stand for everything A Lazy Girl Goes Green is all about; living in a compassionate, thoughtful and collaborative way, for a happier and healthier life. So obviously I’d want to hear more about their own green journey…

10654906_690072911080825_1307632356_aBut, You Hippies being the original couple they are, like to add their personal touch to everything they do; and provided this amazing video response to my questions to accompany their written answers! I’m sure you’ll agree this is an awesome film and a true testament to their energy!! Love this 🙂 

You Hippies Goes Green! 

What does green living mean to you, and how do you incorporate it into your life?

We view a green lifestyle as conscious decisions with an awareness of the symbiotic relationship we have with nature.  We incorporate this by considering the current ecological/economic issues of our time, and practicing behaviors that support the wellness and sustainability of all species.

Why do you think it’s important to live a sustainable lifestyle?

Depending on how we define our sustainable lifestyle, we may find a variety of benefits.  For those who commute on bicycles instead of motor vehicles, the monetary relief from insurance, maintenance, and gasoline, will allow for more spending/investing freedom.  To those who consume plant-based products, the potential for long-term health benefits can dramatically boost our self-esteem.  Re-cycling has creative potential by giving us an opportunity to re-imagine how our resources can be utilized.  A sustainable lifestyle is a process associated with long-term benefit, and YouHippies is focused on innovating ideas that contribute to this goal.

What have you found the easiest thing to implement?

There is an electric company in our state of Texas called Green Mountain Energy that offers energy from wind and solar farms.  Riding a bicycle may also be easy with proper preparation.


What habits have you found tricky to get started or maintain?

Buying local foods has been a challenge, as most local foods have been grown conventionally.  We understand there are benefits to both organic and locally-grown foods, we prefer to support organic over conventional, despite the distance.  However, this idea is reflective of our current living situation, and we welcome locally-grown organic options if we discover them.

 What’s your favourite idea or tip for living green without costing too much time or money?

Supporting second-hand clothing saves money and waste.  Though it could potentially cost more time to find clothing that either fits with our body or fashion philosophy, the plant and labor resources that are saved from shopping second-hand contribute to sustainability.

Who or what keeps you inspired?

We try to retain an awareness of our environment and relate those experiences to discover ourselves.  When we recognize synchronicities, or patterns of coincidence, we become inspired to create material that further progresses our spiritual journey.

Bring a little joy into your life and join You Hippies:

Fancy sharing your green story? Whether you’ve been living green for 40 years or 40 minutes; I’d love to hear what it means to you to  be sustainable, and any short cuts you’ve learnt along the way!

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