Ditch the January Detox and Try Veganuary

OK, I’m only going to admit this to you just this once, so soak it up while you can. I didn’t exactly follow any of my own advice when it came to succumbing to Christmas confectionary. In fact, not only did I not “step away from those special edition boxes of chocolates” as I advised last month; I continue to purchase said naughtiness to this day. I know I know, I’ve put shame on the whole sustainable community and I deserve every inch of the added layer nestled around my waist!

But as per tradition, January is a time of getting fit, getting healthy, and generally getting off our butts after a month of eating, drinking and being far too merry! I’m sure I’m not the only one making health food shopping lists, avoiding alcohol and setting a 6am alarm for that early morning run (which predictably gets put off for “one more day“). According to the world, we need to repent for our Christmas sins with a diet and exercise regime stricter than our bodies have ever seen! Continue reading Ditch the January Detox and Try Veganuary

My New Year’s Green Resolutions

Hello my lovely lazy green people, I hope you all had lovely Christmas breaks and not feeling too full and lethargic! My break has been so relaxed that I completely switched off from my every day life. Now I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of things and beginning to think about how I can get next year off to a positive start.

It’s been 8 months now since I decided to change some of my lazy, or procrastinating, habits into green actions. There have been many things I’ve found relatively easy to do – such as switching to organic food and buying less “stuff” – and some things I have gradually learnt to do over time; like going plastic free, and cutting out ingredients like palm oil.

But going green hasn’t always been easy for me, and I thought it might be useful to share some of the things I have yet to transform into more sustainable practices; if only to assure you that these things don’t always happen overnight! Continue reading My New Year’s Green Resolutions

Your Green Life: Jen Gale (My Make Do and Mend Year)

I have to say, I don’t think this weeks Your Green Life needs much of an introduction. Following her family’s attempt to live one full year without buying anything new; Jen Gale has become a massive inspiration for thousands of people seeking to live more sustainably, or simply enjoy a frugal life by having fun with crafty upcycling. 

Now, her blog My Make Do and Mend Year, boasts a large, committed following of makers and doers; in which Jen welcomes everyone to become part of a thriving community sharing successes and mishaps! It’s no surprise then, to find that Jen has become a bit of a make do and mend guru; with articles and ideas popping up across many platforms, including a fab series of “how to mend…” posts on the Guardians lifestyle pages. 

But Jen’s success and all round awesomeness isn’t the only reason I wanted to pick her brains about green living. It just so happens that Jen is the reason I started a Lazy Girl Goes Green in the first place! Earlier this year I was introduced to her through Start UK, when I organised an event with them at Eden Project for The Big Lunch. The event was all about resourcefulness and Jen was highly recommended as one of the most resourceful people they knew!

 Despite working in communications and marketing for years, I had never really had much to do with the blogging world. But after reading a few of Jens blogs I was hooked, and felt utterly inspired to start my own sustainable journey. She also introduced me to lots of other bloggers, organisations and charities I didn’t know existed, and she continue to inspire me to this day! 

Continue reading Your Green Life: Jen Gale (My Make Do and Mend Year)

10 Deliciously Vegan Desserts That Everyone Will Want a Bite Of

A chef, I am not. But I really do love my desserts! And though I’ve been sharing some of my lazy vegan recipes over throughout the year, it’s more to share what I’ve been stuffing my face with, than any motivation to start my own bestselling cook book. And to be honest, when there are so many stunning vegan bloggers out there, why should I even need to bother?!! 

I’m big on bookmarking food blogs, websites and recipes whenever something catches my eye; so I thought I’d share a selection of vegan dessert recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers at the moment.

And don’t forget, just because they’re free from animal products doesn’t mean they’re not just as yummy for any non-vegans out there!  Continue reading 10 Deliciously Vegan Desserts That Everyone Will Want a Bite Of

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

You may have noticed this past month that I’ve been very careful to limit my festive themed posts; sticking by my belief that Christmas shouldn’t have to take over the whole of December (or in fact November or January either). And all in all it’s been my most relaxing December ever! There’s been no frantic late night shopping or messy weekend baking sessions; and I haven’t even stressed about what colors fairy lights to hand in the window. Success!

Instead, I’ve spent the past month away from my computer, away from the shops and in the company of lots of friends in the great (chilly) outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I have invested some thought into the 25th December, but only in the way you would organise a birthday party or day out with friends; not a month long build up to a day of excess! A few nice vegan friendly treats, some mulled wine spices and a few inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are all that’s needed to make my day special.  Continue reading I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Your Green Life: Freya Grummitt (Project Dirt)

One thing that’s struck me most recently about sustainability, is that it’s not just about our dependence on the planet, but our connections with each other, that is so important to protect. It doesn’t matter how much recycling we do at home, or how many less things we buy; it is pretty clear that powerful changes really happy when we work together to share passions, ideas and resources. 

There are already heaps of groups, organisations and companies doing awesome things out there, transforming people and places; but it’s a bit of a forest out there! Sometimes it can be hard to get our voices heard, and share the success (and not so….) stories which remind us why we are a productive and creative species, who can actually change the world for good. 

This is why I wanted to pick the brains of someone who is at the heart of a thriving community of ‘doers’, and helps to get conversations around positive change flowing. Project Dirt is a social media site for community projects and groups who want to chat with like minded passionate people. and collaborate to share resources and ideas. From gardening groups, and Big Lunchers, to transition towns and community organisers; it’s like a little hub of positive goings on! I chatted to the lovely Freya from PD to find out what lies behind her passions for green living: 

Continue reading Your Green Life: Freya Grummitt (Project Dirt)

Green City christmas giveaway!

Christmas is for sharing…so in the spirit of good will my friends at Green City are giving away three pairs of beautiful hand printed and locally designed t-shirts EVERY SUNDAY leading up to Christmas!

How to enter…

Each Sunday in December they’ll be posting pics of the t-shirt up for grabs on their facebook page and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is share the picture with a friend. Simply click “share” on the post and then tag your friend, asking them to sign up to their newsletter. If your friend signs up then you are both in the running to win a t-shirt each!

The giveaway will be live on the 7th, 14th and 21st December, from 2pm-6pm, and winners will be announced that evening. You can share the picture with as many friends as you like to have a better chance of winning and of course to show off your sharing side!

You could win one of these awesome t-shirt designs from our Re-print design competition below so get ready to share like crazy!





DIY Organic Mascara Recipe

By Nikki Fotheringham

Making up is hard to do when your choices are mostly chemical. Now you can make your own sweet sweet homemade mascara from natural ingredients thanks to this easy recipe from our new book, Greenmoxie’s Field Guide to Green Living. You can engage in some splendid beauty alchemy with things you probably already have in your kitchen. Continue reading DIY Organic Mascara Recipe