10 Things you Can Live Without this Autumn

Its raining, it’s pouring….and A Lazy Girl Goes Green is chilly! I can already feel a few of my favorite lazy habits sneaking back in now that autumn is in full swing; many of which are inadvertently countering all the positive green changes I’ve been making so far this year.

So I decided to make a list of some of the key culprits that might try to tempt us, even though we really could live without them during these autumn and winter months. 

1. Fancy seasonal coffees – spiced pumpkin, mocha frappe-eggnog cinnamon latte? No thanks! I’ll make a cuppa at home.

2. Your car – as the weather gets a bit nippy (or rain stormy as it is in Cornwall right now!) it can be tempting to jump into your car for those short journeys you would usually walk or cycle. A little bit of wind/rain/hail won’t do any harm, as long as you have a waterproof and a sense of humour!

3. Highest heating settings and constant log fires – yes it’s nice to be cosy, but jumpers, blankets and cats on laps do the job just as nicely (and they don’t cost much money!)

cat keep you warm

4. Meals and Drinks outnow is the time social occasions start to increase and before you know it you’re eating or drinking out once or twice a week. Invite people around for dinner or plan brisk country walks with outdoor winter picnics with friends instead (think flasks of soup & big blankets).

5. Cold and Flu remedy’s – prevention is better than cure, so start eating lots of yummy fresh veg and wrap up warm to keep yourself safe from expensive medicines. Check out my 5 natural remedies for colds.

natural flu remedies

6. Christmas confectionery – unless it’s early gift buying, step away from those special edition boxes of chocolates….!

7. New outdoor Clothes unless your coat/scarf/gloves are holey, you don’t really need an upgrade, do you?

8. Supermarkets – When it gets colder outside, the supermarket seems more appealing than trawling along the high-street to get your local groceries (especially without that car!) Check with your local suppliers as some may deliver straight to your door. Big Barn is a great resource for finding local delis, bakers and farm shops.

local grocery shopping

9. Movie Subscriptions – As we start to spend more time indoors it can be tempting to be lured by extra movie and sport subscriptions to entertain us on those cosy nights in. Save your money (and energy) and play a good old game of cards or read a book instead – old school fun!

10. Expensive Energy bills – energy saving bulbs might seem pricey to begin with, but as it gets darker and we keep our lights on more and more, energy costs will stack up. Check out this handy guide to LED lighting.

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