Your Green Life: Green Moxie

I’ve just returned from a week away exploring Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dartmoor with some of my best friends; and am now snuggled at home feeling well rested and full of happiness. Just a little time away have given me a much needed winter boost and filled me with fresh energy for December. 

This new lease of life is very apt, as this weeks interview is with a woman whose energy and passion for sustainability was a big inspiration to starting A Lazy Girl Goes Green earlier this year. Nikki Fotheringham – the brain child behind Toronto based green living website Green Moxie – is always full of fun and quirky ideas for upcycing and beauty DIY (like this awesome natural eyeshadow) which would make anyone want to reach for the glue gun. I wanted to pick her creative brain, and find out what inspires her across the Atlantic. 

green moxie“I am an environmental journalist with a zest for green living.

I love helping people to live lives that are happy, healthy and abundant and I do so by sharing stories, DIYs and Upcycling projects on my website

What does green living mean to you, and how do you incorporate it into your life?

Green means living with respect. When you respect the earth and the other creatures and people that live here, when you respect the air, and the water and the forests, you are really respecting yourself. This is a fundamentally honest and true way to live.

 Why do you think it’s important to live a sustainable lifestyle?

How can we not live sustainably? It’s the only option for survival and for the kind of quality of life we want our children and grandchildren to have. After all, has all this excess made us any happier

What have you found the easiest thing to implement?

Healthy eating habits have been the easiest thing for me – mostly because real food tastes so damn good and makes me feel so much better than junk food. There are so many great green restaurants, organic food options and health food stores that it’s so easy to eat well and feel good.


What habits have you found tricky to get 
started or maintain?

I always struggle when I have to give up things altogether. It’s easy to buy fair trade or organic products, but I found giving up meat, my car and long showers the most difficult, especially when I am riding my bike in the pouring rain!

What’s your favourite idea or tip for living green without costing too much time or money?

Camping! Not only is there a direct correlation between the number of times your children are introduced to nature and their relationship with it as adults, but they learn great skills and you get to spend time together as a family.

Connecting with nature, getting some exercise, a little sun and a lot of fresh air is the best way to de-stress and the most fun you can have.

Who or what keeps you inspired?

Honestly, it’s my readers. People are kind enough to take the time to write to me about their experiences. When a reader send pictures of her beaming two year old with her regrown celery, it makes me want to do even more. I love the positive feedback I get from readers, the ideas they share with me and their enthusiasm for real change is infectious.

Need a boost of creativity? Then follow Nikki!

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