Day 5 of Local for Lent: The Natural Store

I’m now five days into my attempt to avoid supermarkets for lent, and so far so (almost) good. I had a little hick up late on Friday night when I needed to get a few bits and all the shops in my village were shut apart from a large supermarket chain. So I must admit I did cheat a little, but compromised and bought two things that couldn’t wait till the morning when the local shops opened again. Note to self: be better prepared next time!!

So yesterday, whilst enjoying a day out in Falmouth, I popped into my favorite Cornish chain, The Natural Store, to stock up on some bits and bobs (and indulge in a few non essential treats!) Alongside the Falmouth branch there is one in Helston and nearer to me in St Austell, but Falmouth is much bigger and is in fact slit into two stores; one for food stuff and one for home and body.


Naturally a lot of the stock sold is more specialised, and therefore relatively expensive, but its all high quality and boasts lots of yummy local produce and bakery goods. I treated myself to a Green People moisturiser and a sample sized bottle of Dr Bronner’s magic soap (blog coming soon!) but I could have done my whole weekly shop in their food section. I loved that they also had an area to fill up your own tubs with ecover products and sell storage jars too; a good waste saver! natural store falmouth

The natural store also offers a loyalty scheme with a stamp card, so you can get money off across all their stores when you fill certain stamps. I’m on my third card now and, whilst avoiding supermarkets, I’m sure I will it up soon! If you are ever in Cornwall I fully recommend you come and explore!

natural store local for lent

3 thoughts on “Day 5 of Local for Lent: The Natural Store”

  1. I had a glitch too: parchment paper as I was making meringues for guests and it is the one recipe where you can’t stint on it. The slip was not because I wasn’t prepared but because there were no indies that stocked this. We used to have a fabulous kitchen/ironmongery shop in Greenwich that stocked pie dishes, parchment paper, picture hooks, lamp bulbs… but it folded because people prefer B&Q and Lakelands, much to my annoyance…

    Fortunately, though, there are still many other indie shops so all my food has come from them.

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  2. PS – I used to love Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, the mild/perfume free one, but it contains palm oil so I no longer use it. Instead it’s old school Greek soap made from olive oil and lye. Oh well, at least I’m supporting the Greek economy and heaven knows, it needs all the support it can get!

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