Waste Free Dining With Doggy Bags!

Doggy bags are the best. That is, if you’re brave enough to ask for them! We are all guilty of having eyes bigger than our bellies from time to time, and ordering way more than we can possibly consume when eating out. But when it comes to sending plates of food back to the kitchen, the dreadful waste can be a little too much to stomach. But I for one am always a little shy just to ask for a doggy bag. If eating at a restaurant that also offers a takeaway service it can feel a little less cheeky asking for a tub to take any leftovers home. But even then the food often sits in our fridge for a few days before being thrown into our bins at home!

This weekend we were faced with this dilemma when we went out for Sunday Lunch at the Offshore Bar and Bisto in Cubert. A couple of sides of steamed seasonal veg were ordered, but with such generous main portions, they were barely touched. After forcing a carrot or a sprout into our mouths, we all admitted defeat. It felt like a complete waste to send it back to the kitchen, but we all seemed unsure if it was good etiquette to ask for a doggy bag. Luckily, one of the most braver, resourceful member of the group just asked and the staff were happy to oblige. Easy!

photo 2

But then, when I arrived home with two tubs of cooked carrots, green beans, red cabbage, squash and sprouts, I wondered if I would actually find them appetising enough to utilise. They sat there in my fridge for one evening, where I proceed to cook from fresh with previously purchased veggies. But as the second day approached I knew it was crunch time; use them or lose them!

I must admit, day old previously cooked veggies didn’t really appeal; but I really couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. So I gently heated them up in a wok with fresh garlic, tinned tomatoes and a few spoonful’s of my favourite spices. The sprouts were pretty gross, but the rest was actually really yummy. Not bad for a waste free dinner! Plus it saved perfectly good food going in the bin.

photo 3
My photography skills don’t really do it justice bit it was yum!



5 thoughts on “Waste Free Dining With Doggy Bags!”

  1. So interesting! In the US I find that they tend to offer you a to-go box if they see leftovers on the table even when you don’t ask.


  2. I bring my own reusable containers with me to restaurants to take home the leftovers. I also get a really positive response from the servers when they hear this!


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