Vegan dining in Glasgow

Haggis, tatties and shortbread are the things which usually spring to mind when you think of traditional Scottish cuisine. Warming, hearty and full of meat and dairy.

However, on a recent trip up to the youthful port city of Glasgow, I discovered that our Northern neighbours were in fact brooding a rather exciting culture of vegan dining; and I simply had to get my teeth around some of it!

Though the whole city is awash with vegan friendly hangouts, and easily adaptable menus, here are my top 5 favourite places to stop by:

Five Vegan restaurants in Glasgow



From pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, to kaley salads and zingy Thai stir fry’s; everything in Mono is 100% free from animal products and 100% delicious. It’s so exciting to eat some good old filling grub without the pretention of a fancy vegan restaurant! Hang around long enough and you can also catch an awesome local band as you sip on their great selection of beers and ales. (the pizza image is also a Mono classic)




Further across the city, but maintaining the vibe and great food of its sister Mono, Stereo is another great place to get some hearty grub and watch music. This is where I experienced my first ever Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!! It’s almost secretly tucked away down a narrow road just past the main high street, and a must if you’re visiting Glasgow.


13th Note


Just across the road from Mono (see I told you there was a little Empire being grown here!) the 13th Note is another music venue-come-vegan pub. The portions here are generous and not what you would expect from an indie, student looking pub! There is a special vegan beer menu too if you prefer a liquid lunch!




The Centre for Contemporary Arts is Glasgow’s art gallery, performance space, cafe, and cinema; with another inspiring vegan friendly menu. Prices are very reasonable and the light and airy space makes you feel like you’re sitting in an upmarket restaurant! The menu features everything from Asian style salads to Beetroot and Mushroom bourguignon!



If you’re after something a little lighter and healthier than a burger and a beer, Martha’s is a great little café who focus on ethical, sustainable ‘ ingredients from local suppliers. Though not everything here is vegan, there are plenty of choices, and I love their green ethos. Get there early though if you want a seat, its gets busy very fast!

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