Which Plant Holds the Most Magical Properties?

I have to confess, I happily align myself to a number of (old school) vegan stereotypes; many of which aren’t particularly cool or (in some cases) particularly flattering. I wear ethical – not fashionable – clothing, I stuff beans and greens in almost every meal I eat, I have cats, love purple and I rave about Hemp and Bamboo in all their many forms whenever the opportunity arises. I’d probably have dreads too, if I wasn’t too lazy to grow my hair long.

However, seemingly unlike the rest of the vegan population at large (and many non-vegans when they discover I boycott cheese…), theres one thing I’m not particularly bothered about obsessing over: nutrition. Now, I don’t mean this in the sense that I don’t care about my health – sure I get plenty of Calcium, B12, blah blah… – but I’m not interested in obsessing over it. And let’s face it, I’m sure neither are half of the vegetarians and meat eaters out there either.

Turning vegan doesn’t mean you wake up the next day an anaemic, malnourished and pale creature lurking in the corner clutching a block of soggy uncooked tofu, crying “oh how I miss cheese toasties!”  In fact, as many of us find when we ditch the dairy, there’s usually an immediate feeling of improved health and vitality, void of any cravings or interest in the things you once thought you couldn’t live without.

As I have shared in previous posts, there are plenty of ways you can eat yourself to good health without taking supplements and – though I am dubious of the term “superfood”, implying some kind of magical talent – I do believe that plants have healing and energising elements we should harness.

From the vitamin packed wonders of Watercress, and the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Tumeric, to the antioxidant dense Goji berries and Red currents; it really does appear that plants have everything we need to thrive, as long as we know where to look.

But this makes me wonder: is there one plant that out trumps them all? Is there one herb, berry, leaf or vegetable which is so diverse and full of healing and nutritional properties that it’s almost magical?

I’d love to hear from you, my lovely lazy green community to what you think is the most powerful plant, and how you use your plants to be happy and healthy; especially now as it’s such a fruitful time for foraging!!



2 thoughts on “Which Plant Holds the Most Magical Properties?”

  1. Hahaha yess!! Completely agree! Can’t count the amount of times people have to give me “helpful” nutrition advice on how to get the right amount of vitamins, and let’s not forget the protein-obsessed! Sadly I have no recommendations as I also don’t believe in superfoods…though avocados and kale are definitely up there!

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