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Make your own ‘living’ table centrepiece

‘Tis the season to sit around the table and share food with loved ones. The one thing about Christmas I can’t be a Grinch about! I love seeing everyone sat around the table, with our personalised napkins (that my mum lovingly sewed for us), and a few candles lighting our smiling faces. We all have our own table traditions; from our “special” cutlery to how we dress it to look pretty.

personal napkin

I love the idea of a big center piece on a dinner table to mark a special occasion, but have always been reluctant to buy anything (and am never creative enough to design something myself) .

But recently my friend Dee at told me about their ‘waste free’ living table centerpiece, following one of their successful sustainable suppers. I loved the idea so much I asked if they could share some simple steps to how someone lazy or not very creative could make such a masterpiece.  Continue reading Make your own ‘living’ table centrepiece

5 Decoration ideas using Autumn Leaves

Greetings lazy green people!! How is Autumn treating you so far?

Despite living in an area known for its summer beach surf spots, I have to admit that Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. I love the fresh chill in the air, the open fires, hot chocolates and the stunning warm colours of autumnal leaves. My house is surrounded by woodland and I have been trying to get out there as much as possible and make the most of any daylight I can get!

I have been trying, and mostly failing, to make some pretty decorations to bring nature into my house; but as we all know, I’m really not that arty! So instead, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite ideas for homemade Autumn leaf decorations. Hopefully you will be more successful than me!

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5 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Waste

I know, I know, Halloween isn’t for a few weeks yet; but I need to get planning. My cousin is getting married on the 31st to a full blown Gothic/Halloween theme, and I need to decide on a costume pronto.

And though I want to make my own to save money and waste (I avoid fancy dress as often as I can, and won’t wear it again…), I do have to admit my upcycling limits. So I have spent more hours than I care to imagine searching for DIY Halloween costume ideas which are cheap, quick and easy to make. Here are my favorite ideas so far, which can be easily “halloween-ified” with some blood or fangs: Continue reading 5 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Waste

How to Make Your Own Natural Eyeshadow

This weekend I’ve been very excited to team up with the beautiful Nikki Fotheringham from the fabulous Toronto based green Living website Green Moxie! Go to to check out my “Five Fabulously Free Things made with Juice Pulp” post – as well as a tonne of other awesome green living articles. And just look at this amazing natural make-up recipe she’s shared with us lucky lazy lovelies! Continue reading How to Make Your Own Natural Eyeshadow

Love Thy Old Phone (& Lazily Cut Electrical Waste)

I still remember the day I took my very first smart phone home. Excited about the convenience of carrying around what was essentially a mini computer; I loaded up my new best friend with gazillions of useful – and not so useful – apps.  In one small device I could manage my whole life on the go. Juggling my work emails and social life in one hand; whilst sharing Instagram photos of my ultra-healthy vegetable smoothie sludge, in the other. It felt like the complete epitome of modernity.  Oh the glamour! My phone are I became two peas in a pod; in which one day apart brought about feelings of longing you only see in the cheesiest of chick flicks. I was in love…

But relationships like this rarely last. As newer, sexier models come along, the heart often becomes fickle. It’s made even harder to resist by the people whose jobs are simply to lure you into upgrading to an improved version of your previous love; dazzling you with temptations of cheaper deals and a better camera…
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The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

About a month ago, I found myself getting very engrossed in a very animated and fun #makedoandmendhour on Twitter. Hosted by My Make Do and Mend Year’s Jen Gale, the hour is an opportunity for frugally thrifty upcyclers and crafty creators to share what they have been making; or ask advice and inspiration from others. As a complete notice to anything that involves a needle and thread or glue gun, I tend to be more of an observer than a contributor; but get engrossed in the conversations nevertheless!

However, this particular evening I got so distracted with the conversation, that I forgot the pan of rhubarb I was cooking in the kitchen; to make a seasonal fruit compote. That was until the smoke of the burning pan wafted across the house and alerted me to the obliterated pan! Continue reading The Lazy Way to Save a Burnt Pan

Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

When I started A lazy Girl Goes Green a few months back, I said that you really don’t need to be a green fingered, creative up-cycling goddess to live a greener lifestyle. There really are hundreds of ways to green up your life, which don’t involve sowing seeds, or sewing machines. I mainly said this because I am neither crafty or green fingered; therefore I whole-heartedly stick by that statement! That said…I did make a promise on World Environment Day to appreciate my surrounding; pledging to attempt a little indoor Cornish garden at home. I am a queen procrastinator, but I never break a promise… Continue reading Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered