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Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

I’m excited. It’s Saturday morning, my cold has gone and this morning I received a parcel containing something free! Always a good start to the weekend…

The reason I hadn’t paid for the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser inside, was because I’d managed to break my spell of never winning anything in my life, and won a competition with The Vegan Society earlier this month. And of all the competitions I’ve entered in the past – from holidays and cars, to  electric powered cat hair removers – I feel justice has been served by winning what I may well now define as my new favourite cleanser!  Continue reading Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

It’s Monday again already? I’m pretty sure last time I blinked it was Friday evening and I was ready for a relaxing weekend! But one good thing about Mondays is that I get to talk about food, and share one of my lazy vegan recipes, so it’s not all that bad!

While eating out yesterday in a popular Italian restaurant (mentioning no names…) I noticed that, while vegetarian options are now widely available, cheese seems to be the star of the show in almost every dish. But as a vegan – who used to be a massive cheese fiend – I now see that this very fattening flavour enhancer can easily be swapped for garlic, chilli oil or fresh herbs; leaving the dish just as flavoursome (and  WAY healthier). Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

Lazy recipe: Easy Toasted nutty & seeded Granola

Not usually one for following recipes; I never really have the patience to follow something step-by-step, and usually end up free-styling and making it up. But…last week my friend told me she had made her own granola, and it actually sounded very easy to do. In fact, what I love is the fact you really don’t need to follow any strict ingredient list, and can add anything you have lying around in the cupboard. You literally just chuck in what you fancy!

Continue reading Lazy recipe: Easy Toasted nutty & seeded Granola

The Green way to V..

Like an enthusiastic keen bean who publicly announces their intention to run a marathon, and instantly regrets it; I told everyone I’d gone Vegan on the first day of deciding myself. Way to set yourself up for a fall! Here followed daily inquisitions into my nutritional intake, challenges on my personal ethics and persistent questions like: “But if we didn’t eat beef or cheese, wouldn’t cows be extinct?” In hindsight, I probably should have given myself some time to gather my thoughts on my ethics and beliefs, before opening myself up for public judgement.

But then again, I could never have predicted that people would get so darn defensive about what I (not them, I might add…) chose to consume!

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