Lazy seasonal food

Lazy Seasonal Eating

Last month in my Lazy Organic Eating blog I briefly touched upon the concept of eating seasonally. And in my traditional Trudi style, I forgot to explore this further and define what I actually meant. In fact, I realised that I have been talking about eating seasonally for months without really knowing why myself; let alone what’s actually in season!!

I was reminded of this today, when I spotted that we are a few days in to Start UKs Get Food Smart campaign; encouraging us to think about what we eat, where it comes from and even consider growing our own (erm maybe next year…?!) As mentioned on my Inspiration page, these guys make green living look cool and sexy; and more importantly make it easy for us lazy people to get going!

So inspired by them, I vowed to get to grips with seasonal eating, and came up with 5 lazy tips so you don’t have to!

Why Eat Seasonally?

Eating fruit and veg when they are in season means you get them when they are tasting their best, costing less (in most cases) and more likely to be grown naturally; as they will need less grubby chemicals to be able to grow at a different time of year. This is obviously healthier for our bodies and the planet.

It also means that, without even noticing, you will be eating a wider range of produce which is perfectly suited for that time of year. Brussels sprouts in summer?  Pumpkins in spring? Strawberries for Christmas? There’s a reason these sounds weird; it’s not their time!

Eat Seasonably

How do you know what’s in season?

If you go out onto a south facing field at midnight on a full moon, with a bucket of water and….no, only joking! You don’t have to be in sync with nature or a farmer by trade to know what fruit and veg are in season. There are plenty of lazy ideas and resources already made for us!

Here are my 5 lazy tips to eating seasonally:

  1. Eat seasonably have a very cool Seasonal calendar which is like a roulette wheel of knowledge. You can use to search by month or by food item and can even buy it as a poster or tea towel; to pin up in your kitchen, or your trolley! Their website also handily has the top things in season at any given time.
  2. Try writing a shopping list of specific fruit and veg before shopping. As a vegan, fresh produce makes up the majority of my diet; yet every time I write a shopping list, I always mysteriously write “fruit and veg” with no actually intention of which ones! Pick them out beforehand from your calendar in advance, and it’ll probably save you money and waste on those “extra” bits you buy.
  3.  If you forget to write a list or drop in for an impromptu shop, just keep your eyes peeled for food labelled “seasonal”. Most supermarkets like to show off what’s in season, and most local green grocer staff will know too if you ask them.
  4.  Along with Start and Eat Seasonably, River Cottage and Eat the Seasons are great quick fixes for seasonal recipes; so not only do they point out what’s at its best, they tell you how to cook it too!
  5.  Order it in from a local veg box scheme! That way you don’t have to look up what’s in season or go and get it; it’s chosen and delivered to your door with minimum effort! Bear in mind that your local farm or farm shop may deliver too, so it’s doesn’t always have to be the big named ones!

Lazy Seasonal eating

What’s in Season for June

asparagus, broad beans, broccoli, carrots, fennel, jersey royal new potatoes, lettuce & salad leaves, new potatoes, peas, radishes, rocket, samphire, spinach, spring onions, watercress, wild nettles, rhubarb, strawberries, elderflowers and most herbs.

Join in with #getfoodsmart this summer Twitter Q&As, Enter their competition, try out their recipes and delve into their free resources and love your food! NOM

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