Taking stock

Taking stock – reflection, thunder and crisps

One of my favourite bloggers, Jen Gale from My Make Do and Mend Year, recently posted a “taking stock” post;  as suggested by a blogging course she had attended. I thought this was a great idea, and is great timings as I am now approaching 2 months into my journey toward going green. 

Though I am admittedly very lazy with some things, I get easily distracted and rarely give myself time to reflect; so it was really interesting to see what came out when I started writing! You should give it a go. So here goes…

Making: I have started making a pin board of photo and postcards that make me happy, I’m not much of a crafty upcyler, but it’s amazing how the nostalgia of old photos lift your mood with little effort!

Cooking: Chilli and coconut dhal and brown rice

Drinking: Birthday bubbly sent over from France – thanks nan!

Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s a pretty hefty read and I’m not even half way through but it’s absolutely fascinating and very witty.

Wanting: a lazy weekend with no obligations but bed and sci fi movies

Looking: at the amazing lightening piercing through the black clouds, as I sit in my conservatory with the lights off

Playing: Don’t judge me… but I’m addicted to pop it!

Deciding: Nothing! I can never decide on anything…

Wishing: life was less complicated

Enjoying: a cuddle with my big fluffy cat Mango, whilst wrapped in my favourite blanket

Waiting: for a sign (to help me decide…)

Liking: My new juicer (blog to follow!)

Wondering: Where to go next with this blog, what people want to read and if I’m too lazy to continue

Loving: That feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next in life and going with it

Pondering: Life in general. I’m feeling very reflective today and thinking about of lot of things!

Considering: My next green project. I’ve announced my World Environment day challenge to grow a Cornish garden indoors; now I need to consider how to achieve this with little effort!

Watching: I have just finished watching Nashville, my extremely guilty pleasure.

Hoping: More people will read my blog and share their thoughts and ideas (I need inspiration too!)

Marvelling: At the beauty and variety of our planet. The sky of thunder alone has turned many shades of blue and grey whilst writing this; I love its unpredictability

Needing: To move my leg as the cat has made it numb. But I don’t want to disturb him so I’ll suck up the pain!

Smelling: My washing drying on the area – washed with soap nuts and essential oils (blog to follow…too many blogs not enough time!)

Wearing: My yoga outfit. Not because I have been doing yoga tonight, but merely because its comfortable and makes me look like I have been working out…

Following: Women’s voices for the Earth – these ladies are absolutely hilarious and make such fun light work of green living, it fills you with admiration and determination.

Noticing: The temperature getting warmer and the nights getting lighter (even with the rain and thunder)

Knowing: I will eventually open that packet of crisps that I have been sternly ignoring on the table right in front of me…

Thinking: How grateful I am for my independence and freedom, something so many people in the world will never have.

Feeling: Melancholic yet hopeful

Admiring: Well that would be telling now wouldn’t it?!

Sorting: Me? Sorting? I’m far too lazy for that. I prefer to wait until it falls on me head before I move it somewhere new.

Buying: time…before I work out what to blog about next…

Getting: bored and distracted with how long it takes to write this thing!

Bookmarking:101 things that I have identified as interesting, and will eventually get around to actually reading!

Disliking: Obligations, social expectations and being judged; I wish everyone could be free to be who they want to be and not feel pressured to conform.

Opening: Those darn crisps…

Giggling: At myself, because this bubbly is strong and I am a light-weight…

Feeling: Impatient

Snacking: I think we have covered this…let’s not draw attention to it ok?

Coveting: Every bit of information or inspiration I uncover about Green living, so I can work out the short cuts and make it easier!

Wishing: I could calm my mind and stop over thinking every small details

Helping: myself…to a top up of bubbly

Hearing: the road outside, the boiler and one of my cats meowing to come in….perfect time to wrap this up then!

Why not give it a go yourself? Let me know how you get on!

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