lazy juicing

I heart my Juicer!

Happy Wednesday lazy green people! we are so close to the weekend I can smell it…

I just wanted to do a quick post to share some big news…. that I am officially in love with my new juicer! This was an early birthday present and I have been road testing it for the last month; before I announced my official verdict on juicing. I was a little curious, yet dubious, about how practical it was; and more importantly, how long it would take before my interest waned from the effort of juicing AND cleaning it out! 

But it has been a bit of a revelation for me. I must admit I haven’t braved a full juicing diet, as seen in the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (which actually inspired my interest in Juicing. You have to watch it!) but I often have one as an alternative breakfast or snack.

The best thing for me is I can down a cup full of greens or high nutrient fruits and veggies in one go, rather than cooking them up and having to munch through them all. One green juice, for example, could include my daily recommenced allowance of iron (much needed as a Vegan), leaving me free to have a bowl of chips for dinner if I so please. I like to call this “Lazy Nutrition”!

What’s more, you can use up ends of things like celery or squishy cucumber that you might otherwise throw away. So you’re saving on waste too!

I heart my Phillips juicer

And it isn’t actually as much work as I thought. I asked for the Philips HR1863/01 Viva Collection Juicer in particular as it boasted a bigger capacity for pulp (meaning more time between cleaning) and is “easy clean”. I think the latter is more relevant for those of you lucky people with a dishwasher, but leave it to soak for long enough and it’s not that hard to clean.

But for someone who is reluctant to buy fancy kitchen equipment, this is my new best friend and I highly recommend you treating yourself to one. Remember: Lazy Nutrition…..

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