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5 Lazy Natural Remedies for Summer Colds

Today I have renamed myself Grotty Mcgrot Bags.

Not because my face has suddenly turned a florescent colour green (I like to save that for my facebook page..), but because this cold has shown no signs of shifting and I feel grotty! I have soldiered on regardless today at work, and actually been surprisingly productive. But as soon as I came home, I fell into a ball of self pity and carbohydrate cravings.

I am too tired to write, and too tired to relieve my summer cold symptoms! So in this situation – of lifeless and coldy despair – here are 5 of my natural (and incredibly lazy) remedies for busting a summer cold:  Continue reading 5 Lazy Natural Remedies for Summer Colds

Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

When I started A lazy Girl Goes Green a few months back, I said that you really don’t need to be a green fingered, creative up-cycling goddess to live a greener lifestyle. There really are hundreds of ways to green up your life, which don’t involve sowing seeds, or sewing machines. I mainly said this because I am neither crafty or green fingered; therefore I whole-heartedly stick by that statement! That said…I did make a promise on World Environment Day to appreciate my surrounding; pledging to attempt a little indoor Cornish garden at home. I am a queen procrastinator, but I never break a promise… Continue reading Lazy Indoor Gardening for the non green-fingered

Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

A huge part of my going green journey so far has been about swapping some everyday essential items to more natural, greener versions; something which takes little time or effort, but could ultimately be more beneficial for the planet and my health.

Toothpaste in particular is something I have been experimenting with over the last couple of months, trying to find something that is natural, ethical and – more importantly – actually works! Continue reading Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

Green washing: soap nuts and cold water!

When I moved house recently (the carnage of which was documented here) I learnt the downside of taking in second hand equipment; discovering that the very cheap (and very old) second hand washing machine purchased on Gumtree did not fit the pipes installed in my brand new kitchen. No hot water meant no washing! Continue reading Green washing: soap nuts and cold water!

I heart my Juicer!

Happy Wednesday lazy green people! we are so close to the weekend I can smell it…

I just wanted to do a quick post to share some big news…. that I am officially in love with my new juicer! This was an early birthday present and I have been road testing it for the last month; before I announced my official verdict on juicing. I was a little curious, yet dubious, about how practical it was; and more importantly, how long it would take before my interest waned from the effort of juicing AND cleaning it out!  Continue reading I heart my Juicer!