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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

You may have noticed this past month that I’ve been very careful to limit my festive themed posts; sticking by my belief that Christmas shouldn’t have to take over the whole of December (or in fact November or January either). And all in all it’s been my most relaxing December ever! There’s been no frantic late night shopping or messy weekend baking sessions; and I haven’t even stressed about what colors fairy lights to hand in the window. Success!

Instead, I’ve spent the past month away from my computer, away from the shops and in the company of lots of friends in the great (chilly) outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I have invested some thought into the 25th December, but only in the way you would organise a birthday party or day out with friends; not a month long build up to a day of excess! A few nice vegan friendly treats, some mulled wine spices and a few inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are all that’s needed to make my day special.  Continue reading I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Thai spiced Beetroot and Cashew Soup

It’s early December and the weather is chilly…it can only mean one thing; we’re in the deepest depths of beetroot season! My last three weekly veg boxes have been piled with this crimson root veg and there is only so many beetroot, apple and lemon juices you can make when all you want is a big bowl of chips! 

But as Beetroot is such a fantastic source of betacarotene and folic acid – which is known to help cleanse the liver and assist in lowering chances of heart disease I thought it as high time I created a beetroot dish that would have me coming back for seconds!

This soup is soooo warming and moreish and actually makes an amazing base for a curry if made with less water. Try it with a big chunk of walnut bread and you will be in beetroot bliss!!

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Make your own ‘living’ table centrepiece

‘Tis the season to sit around the table and share food with loved ones. The one thing about Christmas I can’t be a Grinch about! I love seeing everyone sat around the table, with our personalised napkins (that my mum lovingly sewed for us), and a few candles lighting our smiling faces. We all have our own table traditions; from our “special” cutlery to how we dress it to look pretty.

personal napkin

I love the idea of a big center piece on a dinner table to mark a special occasion, but have always been reluctant to buy anything (and am never creative enough to design something myself) .

But recently my friend Dee at told me about their ‘waste free’ living table centerpiece, following one of their successful sustainable suppers. I loved the idea so much I asked if they could share some simple steps to how someone lazy or not very creative could make such a masterpiece.  Continue reading Make your own ‘living’ table centrepiece

Your Green Life: Free Range Learning

As the late Whitney Houson once sang “I believe that children are our future….” and I have to say that I agree with her whole heartedly .

It’s taken me nearly 30 years to pay less attention to what advertising tells me I want, and more attention to the bigger picture of what I (and the planet) actually need. But what if everyone learnt these values from an early age? What if learning about animals, growing food, and how we all have a chance to make the world a better place was something kids got to explore in a fun and interactive way?

Well that’s just what Hannah, founder of Free Range Learning, is setting out to do. I first came across her work a couple of years ago when she got involved in a free workshop event I organised in Cardiff (with the help of the awesome Green City Events), and was impressed by her enthusiasm, passion and all round fun approach to inspiring children to live happy, healthy and sustainably!

You can watch the video from that event below:


Here’s what Hannah had to say about the work she does, and why she seems to accumulate sacks of empty toilet rolls….

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Give-a-thing-away-a-day: my advent challenge

Recently one of my close friends, Kate (who works for the awesome neighbourhood sharing organisations, StreetBank) drew my attention to a thought provoking film: My Stuff. The film centres around 26 year old Petri Luukkainen, a man from Finland who decides to put all of his stuff in storage and only take one item back per day, for a year.

The idea struck a chord with Kate, who believes passionately that we don’t need to own as much “stuff” if we simply opened our homes (and hearts) to others and shared the resources we already have. For Luukkainen, by shedding himself of his belongings, he was able to focus on the things that really mattered. Continue reading Give-a-thing-away-a-day: my advent challenge

10 Things you Can Live Without this Autumn

Its raining, it’s pouring….and A Lazy Girl Goes Green is chilly! I can already feel a few of my favorite lazy habits sneaking back in now that autumn is in full swing; many of which are inadvertently countering all the positive green changes I’ve been making so far this year.

So I decided to make a list of some of the key culprits that might try to tempt us, even though we really could live without them during these autumn and winter months.  Continue reading 10 Things you Can Live Without this Autumn

Trading Traditions and Ditching Consumerism

It’s happening; I can feel it in the air. It’s barely November and already the steady increase of crazy Christmas consumerism has begun! As soon as the flurry of Halloween costumes, confectionary and unidentified themed plastic objects left shop windows, in popped the Christmas displays to fill the capitalist gap and empty our pockets. Still, no one is forcing us to buy things we don’t need. Are they?

In my previous life (not the one where I was a lucky cat who slept all day in a warm Californian sun…) I worked in retail management. It was my job to make people purchase more; from creating eye catching window displays, and buying in exciting “new” stock, to strategically placing impulse items by the till to catch people out as they stood in the queue, bored and eyes wandering. Christmas was when the big boys came out; the sparkle, the colourfully Christmassy packaging (exactly the same item as usual, only green and red) and of course, the wonderful sales charm. Continue reading Trading Traditions and Ditching Consumerism

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Coconut and Almond Zombie Halloween Ghouls

It’s Halloween week!! I’m extra excited this year, as October 31st will also be the day my dearest and closest cousin gets married. It’s because of this upcoming event (along with it’s Medieval Halloween themed dress code) that I have been a bit behind with posting any festive blogs.

But last night I got a burst of Halloween excitement and realised my Meat Free Monday recipe couldn’t miss out on a bit of trick or treat naughtiness. As always, I left it until late in the evening to do, and made it up on he spot with whatever I had to hand; so it’s testament to a quick and easy lazy recipe 🙂 I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to freestyle too, depending on what ingredients, and time, you have to spare.

Warming: these are pretty messy and VERY naughty!
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