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Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chia Seed Nut Roast

There is a tradition in my house that we always have a roast dinner every Sunday. This tradition, I have to admit, stems from my unnatural love for roast potatoes; in which a Sunday roast is my chance to overindulge in carb heaven.

I have been trying, and mostly failing, to follow my nans amazing nut roast recipe; which is always a hit even with the meat eaters in my family. That was until yesterday, when I cracked jackpot with this chestnut and chia seed recipe. It was a really lovely “meaty2 consistency, and the chunks of cashews made my mouth water.

And whats more, it can even be made in batches and frozen, ready for a lazy dinner another day!! I have kept the quantities fairly loose as I tend to use up whatever bread I have, and work the ingredients around that.

Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chia Seed Nut Roast

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Salty Peanut and Chocolate Bites

Happy Meat Free Monday!!

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to get into a proper running routine (not the best time of year to be motivated!) but have been craving a little sweet treat to err…keep my energy up?!! I have seen a few chocolate peanut butter recipes recently and I wanted to give it a go.

What makes this recipe so simple is it only needs 6 ingredients for a truly decadent treat:  coconut oil, coco powder, agave (or maple) syrup, ground almonds, peanut butter and salt.

Sneak peek – this is also very timely, as this coming Sunday I have an interview with the beautiful founder of Lucy Bee coconut oil. So I thought it only apt that I test out the product before we get chatting! Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Salty Peanut and Chocolate Bites

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Fennel, Garlic and Chilli Dal with Chapatti

The best thing about the weather getting cooler is I have an excuse to munch on warming, filling comfort food! From soups, chillis and stews, to apple pie and hot chocolate. But when you are looking for something a bit quicker to prepare, which doesn’t need lots of ingredients, you really can’t beat a warm and spicy dal.

The best thing about Dal is you don’t need to be much of a whizz in the kitchen to get a great meal; and over time you can experiment with flavors and consistencies to get your ultimate recipe! I’ve been treating myself to this garlic, chilli and fennel dal a lot recently, and serving it with home made chapatti for a nice change from rice.  Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Fennel, Garlic and Chilli Dal with Chapatti

Dairy & Egg Alternatives for Easy Vegan Living

Today is world vegan day – a day celebrating (and raising awareness about) a lifestyle that’s promotes looking after our bodies, animals and planet. Cutting out – or limiting – animal products is an easy way to eat healthily, reduce carbon footprint and help to end the suffering of millions of farmed animals. Win win!

But taking those first steps and switching to a new diet can seem daunting to begin with, especially when animal products appear to be in everything! But I’m sure people once thought going vegetarian was near impossible in a meat dominated world, and now vegetarian options are absolutely everywhere.

Whether you’re thinking about going completely vegan, or simply want to reduce your impact by cutting down on animal products, these great substitutes will help make it even easier: Continue reading Dairy & Egg Alternatives for Easy Vegan Living

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Spiced Apple Frangipane

In my opinion, it’s not October until you’ve consumed something involving spiced apple. Plus, Cornwall is thriving with apples at the moment and the cooler temperatures have me craving warming, spicy sweet treats!

After a number of fresh autumn walks this weekend – involving scarfs, thick socks and a few showers of rain – I decided to pimp up one of my favourite recipes, to add an October kick. Traditionally a frangipane is served cold, but I think a slice with some homemade (vegan…) custard is just what the weather man ordered! Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Spiced Apple Frangipane

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls

Ahhh, Monday has returned once more! I know, i know, its not our favorite day of the week but it is the day when I share my easy (and often experimental) vegan recipes. so it cant be all that bad, can it?

This week is a magical Chestnut and Chilli Meatball recipe, which I discovered yesterday when attempting to make homemade stuffing balls for my roast dinner. I hadn’t really researched the ingredients or method (as usual), and ended up free-styling with what I had. The result was a ball that was so spicy and filling they were more like meat balls than stuffing balls!!

But they were so delicious and moreish that I completely devoured them before even remembering to take a picture of the cooked product. Oops sorry! But then I guess that’s why this is a lazy green living blog, not a snazzy recipe blog! 😛 Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Summer Marrow Bolognaise Bake

Happy Meat Free Monday lazy Green people!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to notice the autumn kicking in! The days are getting a little darker and it’s almost time to stop living in my flip flops! But I’m actually really excited – despite a sorrowful goodbye to the heat of summer – I’m really looking forward to comfy jumpers, hot chocolates and beautiful orange leafed trees.

To celebrate this borderline period between summer and autumn, I thought I would share this warming veggie Bolognese Bake, using the deliciously filling summer marrow. It’s a great gluten free recipe – as the marrow replaces lasagne sheets – and it’s naturally dairy free and vegan friendly. It’s also one of the laziest recipes I know, which can be easily adapted to whatever you have at home. Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Summer Marrow Bolognaise Bake

Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake

For our last night on my France holiday, my grandparents hosted a big family dinner party which, in traditional French style, consisted of a lot of courses! I offered to help make the desserts as I wanted to show off how delicious Vegan sweets can be, and how you largely can’t tell the difference in the taste.

I made a very risky lemon tofu cheesecake (recipe to follow soon) and decided a good old fashioned chocolate cake was a good back up, just in case the tofu was a little too crazy for everyone else! My nan suggested adding prune paste for extra taste and moisture; something I now consider her a legend for doing so, as it was out of this world! The paste made the cake super soft and gooey, and gave it an amazing spongey glaze on the outside. Continue reading Lazy vegan Recipe: Gooey Chocolate and Prune Cake