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The Lazy Environmentalist: Too Busy to be Green?

I knew it would happen at some point, and I must admit I’ve been anticipating this moment since I started A Lazy Girl Goes Green, just over 3 months ago. But I guess if I’m honest, I think I secretly hoped that my passion, enthusiasm and stubbornness would win over circumstance. But at some point this week – despite my best intentions – I reached the reluctant realisation that I have just been far too busy to actively be green; let alone write about it! As each day passed me by so quickly, without my permission to proceed to the next, I’ve found myself reaching the weekend with only one blog written this week, and very little to report!

But with this frustrating realisation that I am indeed human – subjective to inevitable life distractions – I have come full circle, to meet the Trudi who started this green journey in the first place. This Trudi was passionate, optimistic and determined; believing that looking after the planet was something we could all do so simply, without having to drastically change our habits (or bank balances). The whole inspiration of my blog was centred on dreamy, yet procrastinating old me; attempting to incorporate green living into a busy and ever-changing modern lifestyle. We can all be lazy and green, I was certain.

Was I idealistic to think that you don’t need to make much effort to be green? Had I bought too much into the “lazy environmentalist” concept; someone who was fashionably eco, but still found time to have roof top martinis with their intellectual, arty friends? Can you really make a difference on this planet, without even really trying? I guess the answer is no. Real change takes time and effort, which – perhaps depressingly – is often selfishly inspired. But then that’s not really the point. Inspirational changes aren’t always that light bulb moment you get in movie; when someone sees one small act of injustice and becomes a Robin Hood like character, whose life purpose is solely to save the world. Revolutions don’t happen overnight, and I am pretty darn certain issues like climate change, poverty and pollution won’t either.

I guess what going green means to me is admitting a level of responsibility for what happens on this planet. Deciding that everything you do on it does make a difference, and choosing to act on what you believe is the right thing to do. Will swapping bottled water for tap water change the world? Probably not. Is that a valid enough reason to ignore plastic pollution in the ocean and carry on regardless? I personally don’t think so.

Surely a “lazy environmentalist” – who occasionally eats organic veg, or gradually buys less plastic – makes more of a difference for our planet, than someone who is just far too busy or lazy to do anything at all? In a world where knowledge is at a click of a button and greener alternatives can literally be delivered straight to your doorstep; ignorance or convenience are no longer valid excuses for not investing our money and time in more sustainable lifestyles (sustainable for our survival I mean….)

So I guess in a way, I have just talked myself out of my lazy blogging week; because in essence I am still here. I may have been swept up by a week of distraction and put little thought to living greener, but I haven’t lost my intention. I’m still learning, questioning and trying to understand this beautiful planet (and how we can continue to thrive on it). After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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