5 Steps to a Plastic Free Bathroom: My Lush Loot

Today I am a very happy lazy green lady indeed. After months of testing out various natural/vegan/ethical/ toiletries and never quite being inspired enough to review them here…I have found a regime that works! And the best thing of all? They’re all plastic free!

As a self confessed pamper-holic, I have literally tried dozens of hair products, toothpastes, shower gels etc over the last few months; desperately trying to find products that meet my ethics AND actually work. But the answer was right under my nose, in a place I had always disregarded as “that stinky place on the high street”. Continue reading 5 Steps to a Plastic Free Bathroom: My Lush Loot

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Spiced Apple Frangipane

In my opinion, it’s not October until you’ve consumed something involving spiced apple. Plus, Cornwall is thriving with apples at the moment and the cooler temperatures have me craving warming, spicy sweet treats!

After a number of fresh autumn walks this weekend – involving scarfs, thick socks and a few showers of rain – I decided to pimp up one of my favourite recipes, to add an October kick. Traditionally a frangipane is served cold, but I think a slice with some homemade (vegan…) custard is just what the weather man ordered! Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Spiced Apple Frangipane

Your Green Life: Zero Waste Week

I must admit, I’ve been dying to get in the head of Rachelle Strauss ever since I came across her genius on Twitter a few months ago. This lady, with endless enthusiasm and zero waste knowledge, was an early inspiration to me when I started A Lazy Girl Goes Green. With years of experience of running awareness campaigns, and an army of committed bloggers at her side (me being one of them this year) this chick knows her stuff!

That day has finally arrived, where we all get to hear from Rachelle on her inspiration, lazy green tips and why we all need to keep a Native American principle in mind… Continue reading Your Green Life: Zero Waste Week

5 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Waste

I know, I know, Halloween isn’t for a few weeks yet; but I need to get planning. My cousin is getting married on the 31st to a full blown Gothic/Halloween theme, and I need to decide on a costume pronto.

And though I want to make my own to save money and waste (I avoid fancy dress as often as I can, and won’t wear it again…), I do have to admit my upcycling limits. So I have spent more hours than I care to imagine searching for DIY Halloween costume ideas which are cheap, quick and easy to make. Here are my favorite ideas so far, which can be easily “halloween-ified” with some blood or fangs: Continue reading 5 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Waste

You Hippies Blog Of the Week!

CaptureHey lazy green peeps, happy Friday!!

Just a quickie to share something exciting that happened this week. A lazy Go Goes Green starred as Blog of the Week on You Hippies fantastic website.

It includes a little interview with me sharing my thoughts on being a hippy (or not…) and why I think the word Hip was made for people who care about the planet! It’s always great to share tips and thoughts and with other bloggers, and I absolutely love their approach to green living. You should check out some of their fun videos too, very cheeky yet informative!

If you haven’t read my interview yet you can catch it again here


Natural Flea Repellents for Pets 

I have two wonky cats that I love very much. Timid but loving Merlin is my 3 legged black wonder and Mango, the one-eyed ginger, is a sleepy ball of fluff.

But as much as I love cuddling up with them whenever I get the chance, this time of year they are prone to fleas and those blighters aren’t so fun! As Merlin has a skin allergy problem, I treat them both with stronghold every month, which usually does the trick. But often my soft furnishings get left out of the process! Continue reading Natural Flea Repellents for Pets 

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls

Ahhh, Monday has returned once more! I know, i know, its not our favorite day of the week but it is the day when I share my easy (and often experimental) vegan recipes. so it cant be all that bad, can it?

This week is a magical Chestnut and Chilli Meatball recipe, which I discovered yesterday when attempting to make homemade stuffing balls for my roast dinner. I hadn’t really researched the ingredients or method (as usual), and ended up free-styling with what I had. The result was a ball that was so spicy and filling they were more like meat balls than stuffing balls!!

But they were so delicious and moreish that I completely devoured them before even remembering to take a picture of the cooked product. Oops sorry! But then I guess that’s why this is a lazy green living blog, not a snazzy recipe blog! 😛 Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Chestnut and Chilli Meat(less) balls

Your Green Life: The Friendly Fig

I always say that living sustainably doesnt have to involve becoming an eco-warrior overnight; growing your own food, making your own clothes and living in an eco (or tree) house. It simply means making a conscious effort to live a little greener, doing as much or as little as you can. Whether its making a switch to natural cleaning products, having a little less meat and buying less stuff, or going completely plastic free and vegan. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process, it should be easy and fun!

So, to demonstrate the varied and fun ways you can live a greener life, I wanted to interview a few inspiring people who have done just that. And so “your Green Life” is born; quizing people on what green living means to them, their insider advice on doing it the lazy way and, more importantly, what inspires them to keep it up!

First up is the lovely Bianca Scartabello from the fabulous lifestyle blog, The Friendly Fig Continue reading Your Green Life: The Friendly Fig