Your Green Life: Lucy Bee

Over the last few weeks – whilst hearing what green living means to a whole variety of people – I have noticed a recurring theme. Whilst inspiration for living more sustainably ranges from  animal ethics, environmental concern and existing family values; everyone seems to agree there are real health and well being benefits too. 

Many believe that eating fresh, seasonal and organic food is not only supporting good farming practices; but also keeps our bodies sustainable too.  And often these first steps of thinking about what you buy and consume in the food aisle, starts to influence other shopping habits too. 

This motivation for a healthier, happier body is something this weeks interviewee – the founder of Lucy Be Coconut Oil – is very passionate about, and she’s an aspiring example of how eating fresh, organic food can be one of the best medicines around!

Lucy Bio“I’m 23 and a CIBTAC qualified beauty therapist with a love of healthy living including eating foods close to nature and exercise.  Lucy Bee is a family run business with a passion for living a healthy life – one that makes you feel better, happier and more energised, achieving this through eating natural, nutrient rich foods, including our own coconut oil. We’re proud to support Fair Trade too.”

What does green living mean to you, and how do you incorporate it into your life?

I strongly believe in eating organic foods as this is not only good for me but good for the environment too. Organic foods fuel your body with the right nutrients and help strengthen your immune system, making you healthier. I think about what I eat and drink because I want to feel the best that I possibly can.

I avoid using plastic wherever I can, for example, I use a glass bottle to drink from rather than a plastic container and my family is big on recycling – cardboard, paper, glass, plastic…..we even compost any leftover vegetables and fruit.

Why do you think it’s important to live a sustainable lifestyle?

 Firstly I think it improves my quality of life plus it helps others – we all have a responsibility to look after the planet in any way we can.

Chemicals and pesticides have a bad effect on the soil, the environment and our body too! Try to avoid anything that you can’t pronounce the name of!

What have you found the easiest thing to implement?

Because I’m passionate about living healthily, I don’t find it difficult in any way. I’m also lucky that my parents have a great vegetable patch so we eat a huge variety of seasonal foods that are all organically grown.

300 500 Raw Image

When we set up Lucy Bee, it naturally followed that our coconut oil would have to be from organically grown coconuts and we would only use recyclable glass jars. Our packaging is all recyclable, too. And we’re proud to be Fair Trade, so that we can help support sustainable community developments to improve daily living standards for the farmers and producers.

What habits have you found tricky to get started or maintain?

I personally don’t find any of this tricky or difficult – I was diagnosed as a coeliac at a young age and so eating a well-balanced, healthy diet has always been important and my parents have always instilled healthy eating habits in me and so I naturally follow this.

What’s your favourite idea or tip for living green without costing too much time or money?

I love sprouting my own seeds and this is really easy to do if you’re short of space – they grow easily on a window ledge.

If you’re able to, it’s really satisfying growing your own veg – even a tomato plant.

If you have the space to keep chickens, there’s nothing better than having your own organic eggs. Chickens are really easy to keep and don’t cost too much, plus they love eating your leftovers too!

Who or what keeps you inspired?

On our Lucy Bee social media pages we have amazing followers who share their tips and recipes for healthy living, which constantly inspire me. I’m always interested in learning more about anything that involves health and fitness.


Our website and blog ( promotes healthy living offering ideas and tips to readers.



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