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Lazy Movie Day….10 Must See Green Documentaries

Its Glastonbury weekend and instead of being stuck in the rain, squelching through mud and nursing a rather nasty hangover; I’m stuck indoors feeling bored and restless….nursing a rather nasty hangover! Sometimes the only thing you can do when its rainy outside, and you are lacking the motivation or energy to do something, is to have a movie day; curled up on the sofa with blankets and a selection of snacks (healthy of course… 😛 ).

But before you crack open your cringey chick flicks or addictive box sets, it might be worth considering swapping movies for some green documentaries. Not only do you get the guilty pleasure of sitting around all day watching TV, but it kind of feels a little less lazy because you are educating yourself too!

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Foraging for free food

My fascination for foraging began a couple of years ago, when a friend dragged me across the South Cornwall coast, in search of wild garlic to make pesto. As we strolled through shaded woodland and sunny, salty coastal paths, she pointed out plants as we went along; advising what to pick and how to cook it. I remember at the time thinking that she had managed to appear both wildy adventurous and amazingly glamorous. I was so impressed that she could simply pass a bed of many shades of green, and know which to pick to make THE most amazing dish, and which would give you a rash or even send you to your death?! Continue reading Foraging for free food

Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine

This week I decided to take an impromptu week off work; to make the most of the unexpected sun we’ve been having in Cornwall, and to have some much needed lie-ins!  But before I delved in to the sun, sea and surf of Cornwall, I made a trip back home to Devon to see family for a couple of days. Continue reading Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine

Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

A huge part of my going green journey so far has been about swapping some everyday essential items to more natural, greener versions; something which takes little time or effort, but could ultimately be more beneficial for the planet and my health.

Toothpaste in particular is something I have been experimenting with over the last couple of months, trying to find something that is natural, ethical and – more importantly – actually works! Continue reading Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

Green washing: soap nuts and cold water!

When I moved house recently (the carnage of which was documented here) I learnt the downside of taking in second hand equipment; discovering that the very cheap (and very old) second hand washing machine purchased on Gumtree did not fit the pipes installed in my brand new kitchen. No hot water meant no washing! Continue reading Green washing: soap nuts and cold water!

I heart my Juicer!

Happy Wednesday lazy green people! we are so close to the weekend I can smell it…

I just wanted to do a quick post to share some big news…. that I am officially in love with my new juicer! This was an early birthday present and I have been road testing it for the last month; before I announced my official verdict on juicing. I was a little curious, yet dubious, about how practical it was; and more importantly, how long it would take before my interest waned from the effort of juicing AND cleaning it out!  Continue reading I heart my Juicer!

Green, Clean and Smelling Good: going green in the bathroom

I have made no allusions to the fact that I am the queen of procrastination and general idleness. But despite my lazy preoccupations, even I have to face the facts that some routines must be maintained; especially those which involved hygiene!

As such, this month I have been looking into ways I can become a little more eco-friendly in the bathroom and swapping a few essential products to be ever so slightly greener. Here are 5 changes I’ve been making so far… Continue reading Green, Clean and Smelling Good: going green in the bathroom

My irrational distaste for tap water

Our nation is currently having a love affair with plastics. Not the Hollywood style plastics which pimp up our faces and make us look beautiful; but the kind of plastic that takes money, energy and resources to produce and discard (and actually makes our planet look pretty ugly!)

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