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Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

I’m excited. It’s Saturday morning, my cold has gone and this morning I received a parcel containing something free! Always a good start to the weekend…

The reason I hadn’t paid for the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser inside, was because I’d managed to break my spell of never winning anything in my life, and won a competition with The Vegan Society earlier this month. And of all the competitions I’ve entered in the past – from holidays and cars, to  electric powered cat hair removers – I feel justice has been served by winning what I may well now define as my new favourite cleanser!  Continue reading Review: Pure Chimp Cleanser

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Mexican Vegetable Stew with Butternut Dip and Spiced Wedges

Though we are technically at the height of summer, and it’s the time of year for salads and ice lollies; we have  a freak thunderstorm here in Cornwall today, and I am feeling ill. What started as a stuffy nose earlier in the week has evolved into a throat which feels  like its on fire every time I swallow or talk. So for now I’m not planning to do either!!

But I will have to eat at some point, and when I do I want it to be the most ultimate comfort food I can think of…that isn’t boring old soup. So I thought today, for Meat Free Monday, I would share my old favourite Mexican Vegetable Stew recipe; which is soothing on the throat but has a bit of a chilli kick to help with coldy noses!  Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Mexican Vegetable Stew with Butternut Dip and Spiced Wedges

Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

It’s Monday again already? I’m pretty sure last time I blinked it was Friday evening and I was ready for a relaxing weekend! But one good thing about Mondays is that I get to talk about food, and share one of my lazy vegan recipes, so it’s not all that bad!

While eating out yesterday in a popular Italian restaurant (mentioning no names…) I noticed that, while vegetarian options are now widely available, cheese seems to be the star of the show in almost every dish. But as a vegan – who used to be a massive cheese fiend – I now see that this very fattening flavour enhancer can easily be swapped for garlic, chilli oil or fresh herbs; leaving the dish just as flavoursome (and  WAY healthier). Continue reading Lazy Vegan Recipe: Seasonal Veg Risotto

Lazy vegan Recipe: Seasonal Asparagus & Pistachio Salad

As this week marks the end of the short asparagus season, I thought it only right to make the delicious vegetable the star of this week’s meat free Monday recipe.  And with all this glorious sunshine bringing the UK some much needed heat, I’d say we’ve stepped into salad season!

This salad is super quick to knock up and is jam packed with all the nutrients you need to add a summer spring to your step!

Continue reading Lazy vegan Recipe: Seasonal Asparagus & Pistachio Salad

Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine

This week I decided to take an impromptu week off work; to make the most of the unexpected sun we’ve been having in Cornwall, and to have some much needed lie-ins!  But before I delved in to the sun, sea and surf of Cornwall, I made a trip back home to Devon to see family for a couple of days. Continue reading Exploring South Devon: Farms, Food, Family & Wine

Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

A huge part of my going green journey so far has been about swapping some everyday essential items to more natural, greener versions; something which takes little time or effort, but could ultimately be more beneficial for the planet and my health.

Toothpaste in particular is something I have been experimenting with over the last couple of months, trying to find something that is natural, ethical and – more importantly – actually works! Continue reading Lazy Green Consumer: Natural Toothpaste

I heart my Juicer!

Happy Wednesday lazy green people! we are so close to the weekend I can smell it…

I just wanted to do a quick post to share some big news…. that I am officially in love with my new juicer! This was an early birthday present and I have been road testing it for the last month; before I announced my official verdict on juicing. I was a little curious, yet dubious, about how practical it was; and more importantly, how long it would take before my interest waned from the effort of juicing AND cleaning it out!  Continue reading I heart my Juicer!